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A Dazzling 700% Increase in Production Capacity

February 8, 2024
2 min read
Extérieur de la bâtisse usine

Ideal Can, a leader in the Canadian canmaking industry, receives two new production lines, increasing its production capacity by 7 times and marking significant growth.


The arrival of these lines marks a spectacular increase in our production capacity, allowing us to boost our output by sevenfold and meet the high demand. But that's not all! We also plan to receive additional production lines by 2025, further solidifying our position as a leader in the Canadian industry.


This expansion underscores Ideal Can's phenomenal growth trajectory, as evidenced by the significant turnout at our new facility in Saint-Apollinaire (QC). With the addition of these production lines, our factory will experience a 700% increase in activity. This increase will lay the groundwork for further expansion and additional efficiency gains, demonstrating our commitment to meet the growing demand.


Our new production lines reflect top-notch innovation and quality. Hence, our investment in cutting-edge technology and capacity expansion not only strengthens our competitive advantage, but also positions us to better serve our customers and partners across various agri-food sectors.


With our focus on continuous growth and innovation, Ideal Can remains at the forefront of the evolving packaging landscape, advancing with determination and vision. Thus, as our company continues to expand its capabilities and infrastructure, we once again reinforce our position as a leader in the Canadian canmaking industry.

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