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Paint Cans different sizes

Steel paint cans are known for their durability and recyclability.

Many formats and sizes are available depending on your product’s requirements and needs. 

Paint can sizes range from a quarter-pint to 5-gallon.

Paint Cans

Steel Pails

Industrial Cans

Steel Pails are great for combustible materials, but also to store chemicals, solvents, lubricants, adhesives, and more. They do not leach nor do they absorb odours from their contents.

Depending on the utility of your pail, there are several types of linings to choose from to add a second layer of protection.

Steel pails make one with the environment: they are entirely recyclable and reusable.

Other Industrial Cans

What you are looking for is not there? 

Contact us for more information on products that are not shown on the website. 

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