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From a steel sheet to a can: How a can is made 

Steps of how a can is made
April 28, 2023
2 min read

From a sheet of steel to a can, the process might seem elaborate, yet it only really takes 5 machinery steps to get to the final product.


First step: Cutting the steel 

The first manufacturing step of the process is cutting. Large sheets of steel are cut to make the individual cans.


Second step: Welding 

The cut steel sheets are brought by a robotic arm to the welder. It is by passing between two rollers that they will become cylindrical in shape. Welded, the cans move onto the conveyors, where a coating will be applied to the welded joint.

Third step: Solidification of the body 

At this stage, the cans are embossed by a machine which will deform the can in two precise places: the body and the extremities. This process is called the beading deformation.


Fourth step: Seaming

During this step, the body of the can is attached to the lid. The ends of the can are flattened by two rollers to create two hooks, one with the body and the other with the lid.


Fifth Step: Quality testing

Quality testing is the most important step of the process. It prevents any possible defect to avoid future product leakage or any related malfunction. To test the quality of the product, the cans go through a negative air pressure system to check the tightness and prevent possible manufacturing defects. 

Sixth step: Palletization

Finally, the cans are ready to be shipped. They are prepared for transit packaging in pallets for bulk production and in boxes for a custom production volume.

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