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Ideal Can Never Ceases to Amaze: Launching an Eco-Conscious Transport Company to Reduce Carbon Footprint

June 6, 2024
2 min read

Ideal Can, the Canadian canmaker, proudly announced the launch of Ideal Can Transport, its own eco-friendly transportation company, an initiative to reduce its environmental footprint.


This new company is set to transform transportation with cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions designed to minimize carbon footprints and maximize efficiency.

Ideal Can Transport is revolutionizing logistics with double trailers, optimized itineraries, and strategic routes. These innovations will significantly reduce emissions and deliver a faster, more reliable service to transport the cans. "With Ideal Can Transport, we are setting a new standard for sustainable transportation, and we are becoming more self-sufficient," declares Erick Vachon, President and co-founder of Ideal Can. "Our mission is to slash carbon footprints while offering a top-tier delivery service to our clients."

For the moment, this bold venture is limited to moving Ideal Can's own products. That said, the Canadian Canmaker is committed to reducing its environmental impact, therefore transporting its finished products with an eco-conscious approach.

"Sustainability is our responsibility," adds Vachon. "Ideal Can Transport leads by example by promoting eco-friendly practices for transport." Ideal Can Transport is not just a new transportation company—it's a movement toward a greener, more efficient and conscious future.

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